Sea salt trns ds

Our classic potato chips are seasoned with a grinding of Australian sea salt to enrich the natural potato flavour.

Lime black trns ds

A combination of the tanginess of lime cut by the subtle heat of freshly ground peppercorns.

Sour cream trns ds

The lingering sweet heat of chilli and paprika with a hint of smooth, tangy sour cream.

Honey soy trns ds

The sweetness of honey cut by the subtle richness of soy sauce.

Vinegar trns ds

A grind of fresh sea salt with a generous splash of the sweet sharpness of balsamic vinegar.

Limited Edition

Thai chilli

The deliciously lively taste of red chillies, beautifully balanced with the citrus zing of lime.

Chicken garlic aioli

The succulent flavour of roast chicken with the indulgent taste of creamy aioli infused with garlic.


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