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Coles Baby Cucumbers
Coles Red Seedless Grapes
Meat & Seafood
Coles Mild Salami
Coles Tasmanian Cold Smoked Salmon
Coles Finest Australian Blue Vein Cheese
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Red Rock Deli - Balsamic Beetroot, Feta & Cashew Dip
Red Rock Deli - Basil Pesto, Pecorino & Cashews Dip
Red Rock Deli - Deli Style Crackers Honey Soy Chicken
Red Rock Deli - Gourmet Crackers Murray River Pink Salt & Black Pepper
Red Rock Deli - Lime & Black Pepper Potato Chips
Red Rock Deli - Sweet Honey & Sea Salt Roasted Peanuts
Coles Caper Berries


  1. Grab a rectangular platter (however any shape will work)
  2. Put dip into a bowl and place off-centre
  3. Scatter Gourmet Crackers next to dip in corner
  4. Add potato chips into a larger bowl, place in corner
  5. On opposite side of board, place the other dip into a small bowl
  6. Place roasted peanuts into a bowl in a corner
  7. Lay some baking paper down
  8. Scatter Deli Style Crackers on it
  9. Next to crackers in a small bowl, add goats cheese
  10. Place smoked salmon next to the cheese
  11. On the other side, add a bunch of grapes
  12. Fill edge gaps with salami slices
  13. In the centre, place blue vein cheese
  14. Scatter some caper berries next to cheese
  15. Fill other spaces with thinly sliced radish
  16. Add strips of cucumbers next to dip
  17. Fill empty sections with figs