Fresh Produce
Coles Thyme Punnet
Coles Rosemary Punnet
Coles Tiny Tomatoes
Coles Dutch Carrots
Coles Baby Cucumbers
Driscoll's Fresh Strawberries
Coles Raspberries
Coles Blueberries
Coles Green Kiwifruit
Coles Medjool Dates
Coles Red Seedless Grapes
Coles Sugar Snap Peas
Coles Hungarian Salami
Coles Bresaola
Coles Deli Express Sliced Prosciutto
Coles Deli Baby Bell Peppers with Cream Cheese
Coles Dairy Cheese Camembert
Coles Spanish Manchego
Coles Wensleydale & Cranberries Waxed Cheese
Red Rock Deli - Roasted Red Capsicum, Pecorino, Cashews and Basil Dip
Red Rock Deli - Deli Style Crackers Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream
Red Rock Deli - Gourmet Crackers Murray River Pink Salt & Black Pepper
Red Rock Deli - Chef Series Braised Beef Brisket with Caramelised Onion
Red Rock Deli - Sweet Honey & Sea Salt Roasted Peanuts
Coles Chocolate Coated Almonds
Lindt Excellence Orange Dark Chocolate Block


  1. Grab a long platter (however any shape will work)
  2. Put dip into a bowl and place in a corner
  3. Scatter Gourmet Crackers around bowl
  4. Place roasted peanuts into a small bowl next to dip
  5. Put potato chips in a large bowl next to peanuts
  6. Next to potato chips, place peppers in a small bowl
  7. At the end of the platter in a large bowl, place Deli Style Crackers
  8. Add blueberries into a bowl near the peppers
  9. In a smaller bowl, add more Deli Style Crackers
  10. Use remaining pack to fill spaces
  11. Next to the dip, add sugar snap peas and whole carrots
  12. Add a bowl of tomatoes next to chips
  13. In the corner, arrange the deli meats
  14. Add camembert next to the meats with a sprig of thyme
  15. On the other side of cheese, place cucumber slices
  16. Fill remaining space with Manchego, add rosemary on top
  17. Place Wensleydale next to the Manchego
  18. Add toothpicks
  19. Place grapes in one corner
  20. Add some dates next to blueberries
  21. In final corner, add strawberries and raspberries
  22. Add kiwifruit in halves
  23. Arrange chocolates to fill the final corner